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He Awakened When I Died

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She possessed the body of an extra as soon as the novel began. She was the incompetent guide of the male lead as well.

After dying, she met the male lead to become his guide.

And eventually, she acted like she was dead after eating domestic poison to get out of the original plot safely.

“My guide isn’t breathing anymore.”


“Who the hell can stop me?”

The male lead awakened and went on a rampage?

She woke up to find out he awakened when she ‘died’.

“You can’t possibly awaken like this…”


“Are you going to leave me?” Bliss laughed at Shana’s resignation letter, “Is this a joke?”

“Young Master doesn’t need a guide anymore…”


Bliss called her in a soft but determined voice.

“You can make me laugh, you can make me look like a fool, you can fool me as much as you want. Don’t tell me you are leaving me as a joke.”

Bliss smiled beautifully and whispered to Shana.

“No matter what, I can’t let that slide.”


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