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How To Put An End To The Villainess’ Deaths

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In her first life, she was killed in a noble’s hunting ground as a commoner. 


In her second life, she was poisoned in the Imperial Palace as a descendant of a deceased marquis. And now, she’s been given another chance.


For reasons unknown, Evelyn has returned to life each time she dies, and this is her third life.


In both her previous and current lives, thanks to her black hair and a friend’s ring, she has been mistaken for the sole descendant of the Marquis of Ferrian and welcomed as a guest in the Imperial Palace.


‘This was never my place to begin with.’


In her previous life, Evelyn feared her true identity would be discovered. She thought she could escape the palace by marrying the Second Prince, who was far from power. 


However, Lloyd, the Empire’s Second Prince, who was kind to everyone, never truly acknowledged her existence.


Until now.


“I will grant you what you desire.”

“…What I desire?”

“I will marry you.”


In this third life, Lloyd approaches her first and proposes. Despite some minor differences, the overall situation remains the same. 


What has changed?


No, it doesn’t matter. 


This time, Evelyn is determined to escape the painful cycle of death and survive. She will escape the grand trap that is the Imperial Palace and ensure she meets a peaceful end.


Cover illustration by ROX.


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