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How To Save A Time Limited Young Master

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She possessed the daughter of a ducal family’s vassal.

She became the weak young master’s companion, whose lifespan is reduced every time mana is used.

While the young duke possessed stronger mana than the previous dukes, everyone thought that he would die before reaching adulthood. 


“Young master, this is my daughter, Heloise.”


“Heloise, why aren’t you giving your greetings?”


Zenon, the ill-tempered young master that had been left unattended for a long time.

Her father, who said to get close to such a young master first.

While she didn’t like it, she hung out with him as she felt sorry for him, who didn’t have any friends, but during then, Heloise came to a realisation.


This world was the world within a game, 

In the near future, Zenon will be used as a ‘magic tool’, 

And he was destined to die. In addition, 


“Sometimes I forget that Zenon’s days are numbered. It would be lonely, but what can I do? Everyone is like that.”


Zenon’s uncle that kept interfering with his affairs was actually the mastermind!

It can’t be helped. For a peaceful life, Heloise decided to protect the young master.


“You don’t need to worry about that at all. No matter what, I’ll somehow find a way.”

“And, if the young master dies, I’ll soon follow suit.”


But for some reason, the young master seemed to be more concerned over something rather than his own life.


“What did you just say?”


“The words that you’re going to follow after me.”


No, is that important right now?


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