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I Became the Male Lead’s Villainous Superior

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All I wanted was to survive, so why’s this happening to me?

I’ve become the villainous superior who harbors an inferiority complex toward the male lead and torments him to the brink of death, only to meet a miserable end at his hands.

The only way to avoid this death flag is to refrain from causing trouble and stick to the knight order!

“From now on, I intend to exercise self-restraint and devote myself to the knight order’s duties.”

I’m a reformed villain. From now on, I’ll only do good deeds.

“My lady, you’ve truly changed!”

“Brother? Did you just call me brother instead of geezer?”

“This is… unbelievable.”

The people around me began to view me more favorably, and it seemed my lifespan was extending.

But the male lead’s attitude is strange?

“No matter how saintly she is, I can’t tolerate anyone insulting my superior.”

He destroys his own flags with the heroine.

“I will make sure nothing harms the commander.”

He oddly seems to prioritize me.

“I’m glad I made up my mind.”

He even says things that sound like confessions?

I need to distance myself from the male lead, but he keeps getting closer.

Can I safely avoid the male lead’s wrath and li

ve a peaceful, happy old age?


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