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I Became the Sultan’s Precious Cat

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I had been reborn and plunged into a strange world with sultans and harems.

And on the contrary, I’m not a human anymore, but a kitten who can’t speak!

There’s only one way for me to become a human.

And that is to kiss a prince who is a qualified sultan.

By the way…

Why are all the people in this palace so strange?

* * *

Prince Sulayman, who mistook me for an assassin and treated me with indifference:

“I don’t want to give you to anyone. I will protect you. You… you’re my precious cat.”

…and Prince Theron, who I thought was gentle, spoke to me obsessively:

“Don’t choose my older brother, please choose me. I will give you everything in this kingdom.”

He whispered such sweet temptations into my ear.

I have to kiss one of them to keep my human form.

“Meow! (My head hurts!)

What is my future going to be like?


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