Rain Of Snow Translations

※This work contains scenes where people may be divided into strong positive and negative feelings due to a coercive relationship. Please keep this in mind when reading.


Long-time childhood friends, Lowell and Julia share a long-lasting connection.


The bond that went beyond the relationship of a prince to a ruling country and a princess of a ruined one.


After ten years of being a hostage, Julia finally returns to her home country… 


Only to become a captive in a war sparked by Lowell just two years later.




“…Forget everything about the past.”




His words stabbed me.


More painful than the discreet inner turmoil that was currently tormenting me, his words were even more agonising.


Finally, I closed my eyes.


I could feel the tears trickle down my closed eyes.


“Forget everything and hate me, Julie.”


He had me captive for a long time.


I no longer cried, nor did I struggle.


He chewed me up and tore me apart. If he embraced me, I got f*cked.


‘Goodbye, Romi.’


Staring at the blurry ceiling, I finally bid farewell to my childhood friend.



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