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I Found A Family That Wasn’t In My Adoption Plan

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  • Author 애람시
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Once the most talented secretary in the empire, the most powerful woman in the Burano family,

but she was betrayed and killed by a fixer…!


However, it was,

Was it resentment for not being a noble?

or the desire to be a noble.


She has been reincarnated as Aeryn, the seven-year-old granddaughter of the Burano family, albeit illegitimately!

But this child is destined to be adopted by the same man who betrayed her in her previous life.


No! She will be adopted by someone else before she’s killed by that man’s hands!



All she asked for was to be adopted,

money, fame, and a new family that wasn’t part of the adoption plan.


“Aeryn! Take me!”

“No, I already have too much…”

“I don’t mind if you put me on one of your many lists of possessions.”

“But how can I make the prince…”


Was I going to take this beyond the family, and take over the empire?



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