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I Got Engaged To The Blind Duke

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“I need money.”


Her family went bankrupt and was completely ruined.

She went to the residence of the blind Duke, the male protagonist in the novel, desperate for money.


“How is life at the Duke’s castle?”

“I am living very comfortably, thanks to the great consideration of His Excellency the Duke.”

“You think it’s nice living here? Then, let’s get engaged.”


Now, what does liking living in the Duke’s residence have to do with getting engaged??


“Congratulations. Now you’ll be able to continue living in a place you like.”

“Could I possibly have the right to refuse, by any chance?”


Marin asked cautiously, with trembling eyes.

I hope I do. Please.


#The female lead got a job at the Duke’s house because she needed money 

#The male lead, the Duke, became blind and has a bad personality

#The female lead has special abilities 

#But the male lead is the one who refuses to get help 

#The female lead does not give in to this 

#The male lead is concerned about such a female lead

#Contract Engagement



#Romantic Comedy


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