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I Got Transmigrated into a Horror Game Instead – Dropped

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Jung Yu-ri was a broadcast jockey who specialized in games.
She possessed Rachel, the main character in the horror game “Hello, Dad”?!

[You have possessed Rachel, the 13th witch.]
[For disturbing the causality, you have been inflicted with the curse of death.]
[If the witch or her family dies, she will return to the checkpoint.]

Rachel is trying to break the curse by retracing her memories when she played the game.

In the original story, she meets the supporting character, Enoch, who died while rescuing Rachel.

“The Rachel I know is a diligent and lovely person.”
“You might not know, but you are so beautiful when your blue eyes sparkle with wisdom.”

She was in a heart-stopping moment with Enoch, whom she thought was only her friend and her colleague.

Rachel only has three years left!

[The curse will disappear after 3 years. Hope you survive safely.]

Will Rachel be able to lift the curse, and will she be able to unravel the secret behind it?

Rachel’s pursuit of survival in a horror game filled with dangerous and chilling adventures!


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