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I Married A Crazy Duke Who Killed My Husband – R15

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  1. I’ve regained memories of my past life, but unfortunately, it’s right before spending the first night with a senile marquis.
  2. Then help the male lead and get rid of your husband!


I’ve reincarnated into a romance fantasy novel where all the main characters die in a ‘Successful Revolution, Failed Love’ story.


Unfortunately, I’m destined to be killed by the male lead’s sword instead of my villainous marquis husband.


I can’t die like this!


However, I helped the male lead get rid of my senile villain husband,

and now the Duke, who killed my husband, proposes to me.


“I’m the dominant one here. I, Asilia Cornell, and you, Cassion Jaeger,

will enter a contract marriage for a limited time. The terms of the contract are as follows.”


“I seem to have a very suspicious wife. A good trait for survival.”


But it doesn’t seem like he proposed out of love,

so it’s better to establish a contract for a win-win situation!


“Is this even food?”

“It’s a macaron. Should I order one for you?”

“They’re so small, and you eat them one by one? Order the whole row.”


But this man, we surprisingly get along well?


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