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I Picked Up My First Love Who Abandoned Me – R19

  • Rank( ) 112, with 10365 Views
  • Author 로즈라인
  • Translator Alice
  • Editor SoaringPeaches
  • Genre(s) Drama, Fantasy, Korean, Romance
  • Type Korean
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Marianne, Lord of Este.

Following numerous trials, she was labelled a traitor. As a result, she seeks to change the future.


“I respectfully request that you marry me, the Marianne of Este. I also… I wish for you to give me a child.”

“So you mean to use me as a pawn?”


Her plan was simple. Make an agreement with Basharian, the ducal heir, who has lost his memory. In exchange for a contractual marriage and the promise of a child.


“But what about yesterday? Is it true that he does not remember her lordship?”

When she saw Basharian, her first love, he seemed to have forgotten her.

The wounds from more than a decade ago had reopened.


“Even if I were to meet a good man, I would never be content.”

“What do you mean by this?”

“Our futures are intertwined.”


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