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I Picked Up The Grand Duke Who Ended The Contract Relationship

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Amelie Winterpool, the Empire’s first noble-born witch.

A year ago, her first love ended as bitterly as it began.

Her unrequited love had a beautiful fiancée.




“His Highness, the Grand Duke of Christan, is still unmarried.”

“Uh… What?”


Her crush’s engagement was called off.


* * *


It was merely a contractual engagement.


Now that the contract has expired, the Grand Duke is a heart-broken man,

Doesn’t that mean I can have this man…?


Amelie’s ruby-like red eyes sparkled.


“Your Highness! Contract with me, too! If you do, I’ll make a potion that’s good for your body every day!”

“Sorry, but I don’t want to make a contract with anyone ever again.”

“It’s okay. Since we have plenty of time anyway. Even without a contract, I’ll do my best to make you like me!”


To uproot the empire’s severe witch hatred,

Amelie, who must diligently play her part,

She tries to win the heart of the man she wants at every opportunity.


There’s no need to give up if there’s no one to own him, right?



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