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I Ran Away after that Rich Old Man was Pregnant with My Child (BL)

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Gu Yixin became the cannon fodder in a book.

In the original book, the cannon fodder designed the villain to make himself pregnant and married into a wealthy family but was retaliated against later.

Gu Yixin opened his eyes and lay on the villain’s bed, a 1.9-meter super cool and super handsome president pressed him down with a cool and domineering look.

Then Gu Yixin overthrew the president, it felt indescribable.

* * *

Lu Mingshi, a wealthy tycoon, was a famous celebrity. He had never been close to women or men. Many people suspect that he had problems in that aspect.

Until one day, the boss blocked his 18-year-old babysitter on the construction site and lifted his tailored handmade shirt to reveal his slightly raised belly. “I’m pregnant, come back with me.”

Gu Yixin: “?” It didn’t seem to be what it told in the book.

A migrant worker who focused on moving bricks gong (18 y.o) x Cold-faced boss president shou (29 y.o)


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