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I Snatched The Duke

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Trapped in a fictional world based on a novel. I snatched the duke, the sub male lead, to survive.


“Now that I am the head of the household, there is no need to forcefully keep this engagement.”

“No, Duke. I refuse to break off the engagement.”


“I want to marry the Duke.”

“I am the Duke of Atcher. Aren’t you afraid?”


The Atcher dukes were famous for having short-lived duchesses from generation to generation.


“Why should I be afraid?”

‘Being born to a father who was  pervert’, that wasn’t the Duke’s fault..




“You’re not my type.”

“Oh, is that so? The duke isn’t my type either.”

“I’ll be honest with you. I am not interested in marriage.”

“Oh, that’s great.”

“It’s great?”

“It’s my dream. A platonic marriage.”

“If you change your mind after marriage, please let me know. Divorce is always on the table.”


A world she can leave at any time once she logs out. If the groom was not interested in his wife, then it was a rather good thing.


She was sure it was…….


“Not today!”

“I-it’s a misunderstanding. I was just trying to hug you today.”

“I…. It’s suffocating.”

“I didn’t know it was that uncomfortable.”

“Th-that, my leg…. don’t poke me.”

“That’s a conditioned reflex….”


The story of a female lead who was alone trying to shoot a strategy/infiltration/espionage story while trying to pay for food. The duke’s wife, who found out that he was not a pervert, but had a rather ‘normal preference’.



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