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I Sold My Misfortune To A Strange Duke

  • Rank( ) 80, with 19875 Views
  • Author 요정꼬리
  • Translator Iffy
  • Editor Ruirui
  • Genre(s) Comedy, Drama, Korean
  • Type Korean
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“You have to pay the price of raising you. Do you really want to see your mother living in such poverty?”


Cecile, who was wearing a gorgeous dress and expensive jewels, said gloomily.


That would all be the price of selling Elena.


The only mother sold Elena to collect money, and the only younger sister was terminally ill and had limited time.


Elena had only one choice.


‘You are welcome to come visit me if needed.’


It was none other than to pry open the gap to the door of the unfamiliar man’s room.



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