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I Told You I Won’t Love You Anymore

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I was lucky to have married a man whom I fell in love with at first. Knowing well that it was a forced marriage for him, I thought that if I tried hard enough, everything would be okay, even if I was alone. But until the day I died, my husband remained consistently cold.

As I closed my eyes unable to fix the illness of my heart, I left this world, thinking it was all over. No, I thought I had left.

“Good morning.”

He greeted me with the affectionate look I had longed for.

“Am I still dreaming?”

“I don’t know. All I know is that today is our second day of marriage.”

Was afterlife meant to be this good?

* * *

I decided to rebuild my life from the place where I barely escaped from him, . If God had given me a chance, I didn’t want to face a depressing end just clinging to love.

“You’ve fled quite far.”

How did he manage to chase me all the way here? Moreover, disregarding all the many tasks that were always more important than me.

“I said I won’t love you anymore.”

“That’s fine. You don’t need to. Because I will.”


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