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I Tried To Escape Through Death

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I possessed the first love of a male lead in a romance novel. 


And not just that, but as an extra whose family will be destroyed in two years and die! 


Originally, my role was to traumatize the male lead and leave. 


But I wasn’t too worried. Wouldn’t I be able to escape from this world by dying anyways?


As planned, I prepared to commit su!c!de in front of the male lead’s eyes. 


I thought it was the perfect way to go home without twisting the original plot…


Until my su!c!de attempt failed.




The male lead, when we met again after 5 years, looked at me and cried. He told me that he knew I was alive and I pretended not to remember.


What else could the only survivor of a family destroyed for treason do? 


“Who are you?” 


The male lead said to me, who was desperately acting out memory loss.


“We were married, Rena.” 


When did we!!


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