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I Will Disappear, Grand Duke (Completed)

  • Rank( ) 11, with 81948 Views
  • Author 포도마루
  • Translator Doradora
  • Editor N/A
  • Genre(s) Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance
  • Type Korean translated novel
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Fernan Caesar, the ruler of the North who came back from the war. 


The man, who was perfect in everything, was the only good memory of Julia’s unhappy childhood. 


When she was told that he was going to be her husband, Julia believed in the existence of God for the first time.




“If there’s anything you want, feel free to do it. It doesn’t matter whether you remodel the castle, buy jewelry, or throw a party.” 




“But I don’t want to see you in the morning, so refrain from doing that.” 


The gentleman of her memory was no more. 


There was only a cold man standing there who did not have a trace of affection or warmth.


“Your heart is of no use to me.” 


But loving him to the end was Julia’s biggest mistake. 




Standing at the edge of the cliff, Julia slowly carved her husband’s once-worldly face into her eyes. 


If not now, she would never be able to escape it forever. She would come to love him again. 


She didn’t want to be bound to him any longer.




Looking at her desperate husband, Julia threw herself down the cliff.


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