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Don’t Pick Up The Trash Once Thrown Away

  • Rank( ) 1, with 304008 Views
  • Author 배고픈
  • Translator Lillia
  • Editor Yui
  • Genre(s) Fantasy, Romance
  • Type Korean Translated Novel
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My fiancé returned after six whole years of war.


With a woman and a child in his arms.


He said that he couldn’t possibly bear to leave her.


An irresponsible fiancé who had forced the duties of a duchess on me.


“Leila, you’re not really the Duchess.”


I decided to break our engagement when I heard those words.


* * *


“How far can I go?”


A painful moment of silence.


I realized I had said something strange, so I hurriedly spoke up.


“Your Majesty, I apologize. I didn’t mean to ask this, but …”




Kalian replied, cutting me off.


His tone wasn’t angry or irritated. I’d rather say that he… was smiling.


[You can do anything, as long as you don’t sell the Kingdom. After all, you’re my agent.]


…What would you do if I really sold the Kingdom?



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