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If I Can’t Be Your Wife (Main story completed)

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I married him because of a one-night mistake.


“I’ll give you the position of Duchess. But nothing more.”


At first, I was relieved by the cold eyes, but as time passed, my expectations grew.


Thinking about it now, it was a vain hope that one day he will look back at me.



“Are you coming back today?”
“Why are you curious about that?”


Duke Walten looked at Kathleen with expressionless eyes.


“Do you want me to come back and be by your side?”
“… Yes, I wish you would.”


At her brave words, he laughed out loud. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer and whispered.


“Then, like a contract marriage, give birth to an heir first.”


Knowing that she couldn’t…
Kathleen couldn’t contain her tears and pushed him away.
He turned around expressionlessly, even as he saw her tear-soaked face. She looked at her husband and thought.


‘If I can’t really be your wife,
Then I really have to leave now.’


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