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If I Don’t Get Married I’ll Die

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You and I, our lives depend on this marriage.


“If you’re going to die anyway, hurry up and die. Hmm? Once you die, everyone will be happy.”


They took my whole life and used even my death to fill their stomachs.

Was it because of resentment?

With an opportunity to take revenge, I came back from the dead.


‘In this life, I won’t die after being foolishly used.’


I will offer this life I have gained again on the altar of revenge.

That’s why I decided to open the door to revenge by marrying the man they hated so much and save him and me.




‘You resemble him.’


Encountering him up close, he looks so much like an old friend of mine.

Although he has a completely different taste.


“Do you think my cannibalism is just a rumor?”


Perhaps choosing this man was a mistake.


“Marquis, are you going to eat me?”


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