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If Regret Keeps Us Alive

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Driel Stein, the Lord of Arhon. 

The unfortunate fact that he did not love his wife, Lune Hellid, was well-known to most. 


“To all the gods I swear;

I will never love someone like you. 

Rather than spending the rest of my life with you, I would rather die on the battlefield.” 


Lune, having heard insults from her husband on the day of their wedding, 

became the world’s most miserable wife, but she did not resent Driel.

Instead, she understood Driel. 


“I’ve begged you countless times to not choose me as your husband.

Now that you’ve ruined me, how do you feel?” 


It was because Lune Hellid had ruined Driel Stein’s life.




After three years, the husband who left for the battlefield like he was committing suicide has returned.

To seek forgiveness for her mistakes, Lune decided to get a divorce immediately.

But her husband was acting strangely.


“I’m not going to divorce you even if I die. So you should also give up.”


Not only did he refuse the divorce, he even extended a helping hand to Lune.


“Lune. The Driel that whined that you ruined his life was reborn on the battlefield.”

What exactly happened to Driel at the northern battlefield?


“Lady Hellid, there are reanimated corpses attacking the village!”


Furthermore, as soon as the war in the north ended, a strange incident occurred in the territory. 

Will they be able to overcome the crisis?

Will they be able to live in the present without dwelling on the regrets of the past?


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