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If The Mad Dog Bites The Club

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Adrian, who returned victorious from the war, was exiled to the south. 

It was her older brother and the emperor who had led the charge to exile her. 

Go to the south, which has become a vassal state, and look for an utopia. 

They say that since ancient times, no a**hole brother has ever been of assistance to his sister’s life, and this was exactly the case.


Adrian decided to return to her kingdom quickly. 

There was only one reason for that. 

She hoped that her brother would get screwed. 

And so, Adrian headed south and met Celeste, the prince of the vassal state.

“What is it that you want to do?” 

The woman instantly stopped speaking sarcastically and looked at him. 

“Do you really want to know?” 

“Yes. And if I can help, I would like to.” 

“But I’ll have to help you in return?” 

The man nodded. The corners of Adrian’s mouth curled upwards. 

“Of course you can help. But I’ll suffer quite a loss though.” 

“…What is it?” 

“A good wife and wise mother.” 


Celeste thought he must have misheard something. 

“You didn’t hear me? I said I’ll become a good wife and wise mother.” 


Was she talking about the same ‘good wife and wise mother’ that I know of? Unable to tell if Adrian was joking or not, Celeste’s eyes looked around in confusion. 

“Please don’t joke around.” 

“After I utterly ruin that prick of a brother’s life, I’ll meet a good man and become a good wife and wise mother. I’ll have about ten kids, nag my husband a lot, and in my later years, I’ll be the lovely old granny that enjoys giving pocket money to my grandchildren.” 

Was it appropriate to use ‘good wife and wise mother’ to describe someone that ruined her blood relative’s life? Celeste was uncharacteristically silent.


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