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If You Dare To Long For Regret – R19

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“If you marry me, you can go anywhere. Whether you want to cross the seas or fly in the skies. Anywhere.”


“Because I am a man who can make it happen.”

The lowly Princess Catherine.

For her, who had lived confined in the castle for 25 years, it was such an enticing offer.

Her fiancé was Archduke Deimos Achilleion Pendragon, the Emperor’s older brother.

Following a languid whisper, something slipped through her finger. A diamond ring shone brightly on her left hand.

“Are you not going to kill me?”

“I have been in love with you for a long time.”

Finally, the gaze of a predator that caught its prey. It was not a proposal.

This was not an offer.

It was a one-sided desire to make her his wife.

“I’ll make you more loved than any woman under the skies, Catherine Caliburn.”

The smile made Catherine realise.

That her plan to break off the engagement had completely gone awry.

“So never, ever think of running away from me.”

Because you must die by my hands.


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