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If You Wish For A Married Couple’s Duties

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“I took you as my wife, but I do not intend to share a bedroom.”


Dooha Yel Bashal, the only princess of the Bashal tribe.


Dooha, who was deprived of her position as chieftain simply because she was a woman, decided to marry the duke for the sake of her tribe.


Her marriage partner was the owner of Halton and the strongest swordsman in the Empire. Grand Duke Leonhart von Esbaden Halton.


“As long as you don’t lose your dignity as the Duchess of Esbaden, I won’t care about what you decide to do here. “


Contrary to his dazzlingly beautiful face, eyes cold as ice stared at her.


As if no matter what happens, he wouldn’t give Dooha his heart. 


Yes, this marriage was just for an alliance.


It was obvious that it would be like this.


“I should have told you that you’re the only woman in my life.” 


When did it begin? His blue eyes contained her alone, filled with ferocious longing .


Dooha came to a realization only when she heard the sound of her heart crazily beating.


Their marriage alliance was no longer just an alliance.



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