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In The Nest Of The Fallen Serpent – R19

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A sl*ve, a prisoner of a fallen kingdom.

To Benedict, that was all the woman meant.

She had moderate utility and sparked a slight interest.


“It’s partly my fault that you got hurt, master.”

“Ridiculous. Whether I tear flesh or break bones, you will have to keep using your shallow talents.”


A conqueror and a prisoner, a master and a sl*ve.

Originally, it was a relationship that should not exist or come close.

However, despite the annoyance, the woman began to get on his nerves.


“Master, my name is Hilde.”


“I thought you might not know my name yet.”


A woman so innocent and kind, it was almost foolish.

He felt strangely drawn to her. At some point, he wanted to keep her by his side. He wanted her heart.

When he finally got what he wanted,

He promised to place a crown of spring flowers on her silver hair…


But at the moment he decapitated his enemy and seized the glory of victory,

He faced the most terrible betrayal.

In front of the dying woman, Benedict realised something.




The truth that what he had longed for was not just the Emperor’s crown.


Background/Genre: Western-style, Fantasy


Story Keywords: Regression, Royalty/Nobility, Amnesia, Power Dynamics, Class Differences, Possessiveness/Monopolistic Desire/Jealousy, Fated Love, Capable Man, Virile Man, Obsessed Man, Bad Man, Regretful Man, Arrogant Man, Ordinary Woman, Kind Woman, Wounded Woman, Pure-hearted Woman, Innocent Woman, Sad Story


Male Protagonist: Benedict Oaklien – Contrary to his holy name, he is far from pious and is a grand duke of the empire. Arrogant and domineering by nature, he suffers from unexplained headaches and unknown nightmares. During a conquest war, he took an interest in a woman he randomly encountered and took her as a prisoner. However, the annoying sl*ve keeps catching his eye.


Female Protagonist: Hilde – An orphan from the Holy Kingdom, abandoned at birth. She became a war slave when her country was destroyed. She is inherently kind and gentle and has the ability to heal others’ wounds with her holy power. She is terrified and scared of her cruel master, but somehow, she keeps feeling drawn to him.


When to Read: When you want to read a story about defying fate and saving each other.


Relatable Quote: “Oh God. I will give up my Hilde.”



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