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Indulgences Of The Beast – R19

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It was an unrequited love. 


One that could never be fulfilled and one that could never be wished for.


Licht McClellan, the Cardinal who had saved her, as he would save many others, was considered a candidate for the next pope because of his acts of salvation. But everything changed when he found her in the Count’s mansion, engulfed in flames and lying in a pool of blood.



[My Louise]


Licht, a symbol of abstinence and moderation, lost his senses and rushed at her like a beast, and Louise did not refuse him.


“If you’re in pain, embrace me, Licht”.


On the contrary, she took advantage of the opportunity to seduce him.

This was the price to pay for having sinned, an eternal separation. 

That was clearly how it should have been.


“I have lost count of how many times I have been ripped apart like an animal. So why did you abandon me? You will remain by my side, no matter what. If you want to go that far and sacrifice your body to save me… You should be prepared and take full responsibility, Louise.”


The man who had once been admired by all and who had become the most noble pope in the realm,


“Louise, as of today, you belong to me. All that you’ll think about, look at, and even listen to will be me..”


With a face as beautiful and noble as an angel’s, he whispered lovingly like the devil.


“That is the punishment and reward I am giving you.”


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