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Male Lead, Don’t Push, Pull!

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I became a childhood friend of the male lead, the persecuted emperor.

The problem is that even though they were childhood friends, we got on the wrong line and my family ended up lying on the guillotine!

In order to prevent this terrifying ending, I decided to be properly on the side of the Male Lead.

“I will help the prince!”

Rescuing the Male Lead from his abusive mother.

“Please support the Swordsmanship School in Kyle’s name.” 

I became his legs.

“Dating is pushing and pulling, and you just need to pull. Don’t push.”

I even gave him dating advice so that he can have a smooth relationship with the future female protagonist.

Now we’re the best friends in the world, no matter what anyone says!

If this is the case, Kyle will also save our family when he becomes emperor, right?


The long-awaited female protagonist, the saint, appeared in the capital.

To become an emperor, you need the power of a saint, so I thought the two of them would be fine, but what is this?

The Male Lead doesn’t budge.

I got angry and scolded him for blowing up my special training.

“I told you to just pull.”

“Am I doing it like that?”

Kyle grabbed me. I sat on his thigh in a daze.

The handsome face is too close.

Kyle whispered as he grabbed the ends of my hair and gave them a small kiss.

“You said I should just pull.”

That’s what I meant for you to do to the female lead…!

I didn’t mean that you should do that to me!!!


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