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Married Couple’s Qualifications

  • Rank( ) 42, with 6030 Views
  • Author 해사
  • Translator Doradora
  • Editor N/A
  • Genre(s) Drama, Fantasy, Mystery
  • Type Korean translated novel
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Her husband had a woman. From the moment she found out the secret, her perfect family fell apart. 


In spite of this, she turned a blind eye to it and in return, Rivianna lost her child. 


She wanted to die, but a cruel fate brought her back to life. 


And so life began again. Rivianna decided not to get divorced again this time.


 Instead, she made up her mind. She would sell her husband.


 “Do you know that there are a surprising number of people who want you to disappear.”




“So I sold you.”


She sold her husband to the person who gave her the highest price out of all the people who hated her husband.


 “Aren’t you curious? Who really bought you?”


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