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Me, Her, and the Ballistic Weaponry [Antique]

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After years of cold slumber, what this Earthling awaits is a futuristic galactic empire.


From within an isolated spaceship, in which an enigma could be seen, an artificial intelligence program called BISHOP was discovered by the protagonist. By using the common sense of the 21st century, a strangely virtuous robot that was done based on artificial intelligence, a mechanical girl would then be struck by a gold, a virgin fellow, and one with the habit of working hard to earn money. Their aim was to go back to their hometown far away in the galaxy, the solar system’s third planet, Earth. Meanwhile, they started saving up cash for the corporation they had started out, in order to manage the company and its employees. The transportation of adult toys has caused a big sensation on the most galactic scale.


From the transportation of p*rnographic videos, mining, production, trade…


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