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Minus Skill: The Story of Four Nuisances That Once Gathered Together, Manifested a Synergy That Created the Strongest Party.

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Minus Skill. A negative de-buff possessed by a select few since birth. A swordsman who has one such skill is once again in the throes of being thrown out of another party. Despite his abilities, that single skill had a huge downside, which would make him a burden to any would-be adventuring partners. Sick and tired of the never-ending cycle, he has taken it upon himself to challenge a dungeon that may possess an item that could remove a skill of his. There, he meets a girl with the Priestess class who also has a Minus Skill but… 

–Eh? Aren’t our skills synergistic? Negatives come together to form a positive!

This is the story of people exiled from parties, who possess Minus Skills, banding together to eventually become the strongest party.


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5 months ago

been a month since last update? is this still continuing?

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