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Murdered the Male Protagonist

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I seem to have killed the original male protagonist.


A man lay on the ground, bleeding profusely, while I held a dagger in my hand.


“What is this body? Where is this place, and who is this man?”


Before I could grasp the situation I was in.


“Your Excellency? Is something wrong? I’m coming in!”


I was going to be framed as a mu*derer.


A voice, mysterious in nature, echoed in my head, like it was reciting words from a book.


[There was only one way for ‘Julia Reitz’ to escape the Duke of Bolev’s residence.]


I barely fled the mu*der scene whilst following the narration, but the voice continued speaking words I could not comprehend.


[What Julia Reitz sought for could only be fulfilled by Amon Spencer.]Amon Spencer, the knight pursuing me.


Hold onto him.




“Do you mean to pursue the criminal as a team?”


[Julia spoke of the real cause behind Duke Bolev’s death.]


“Yes, I have information.”


We decided to form a temporary alliance for mutual benefit.


That was obviously it…


[Behind Amon’s firm expression, there was a hidden emotion sweet enough to melt anyone down.]

[It was love.]


Their contractual relationship, which she expected to end once the real perpetrator was identified, was changing.


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