Rain Of Snow Translations

The capital city, Ethel, was frantic with the news of her father’s death.


Her stepmother’s unbelievable transformation, the funeral that had long ended before, and now, unexpectedly entangled in a firearms accident, Arlene was engulfed in a whirlwind of confusion.


“If the gentleman’s coat is not to your liking, would you mind returning it?”


Amidst such chaos, warmth was extended to her. Arlene couldn’t help but grasp the kindness held in elegant hands.


Whether that was truly salvation, she couldn’t tell.






Though slow, the voice was calm, as if beckoning her at every moment.


She turned her head at the whispering voice flowing between lips. At the end of her gaze, along the awkwardly hunched shoulders, a pale, weary face was etched.


“You should’ve run farther to avoid catching my eye.”


Even though she must have crossed several continents. Contrary to the mocking tone of ‘what have you been up to’, Arlene’s current location was far away from the continent, even requiring a two-month journey by ship.




Even facing a man whose heart wouldn’t shed a drop of blood even if pierced, Arlene’s lips trembled at the end.


“I… won’t go with you.”


“What are you talking about, Arlene?”


As the man’s eyelids slowly rose, the chill in his gaze lessened, and the coldness in his deep-set eyes softened.


“Now that I’ve found you, your life is mine. That’s the law of this world.”


Eyes sharply focused on Arlene. A clear light entered his pale blue irises with a cold, sharp gaze.


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