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My Ex-Husband Fell In Front Of My House

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The famous daughter of a wealthy family was reincarnated as an extra who would soon die.


To survive, she entered a contract marriage and safely got divorced afterwards.


After that, she was eating well and living well as a cafe owner…






She met her ex-husband covered in blood in front of her house.


“Please take care of me in the future, Charlotte.”


He just sat down at her doorstep.


Living in the same house with her ex-husband was so awkward.


“You’re pretty. Your natural look is also the prettiest.”


He often said such flattering words that made her squirm.


“What to do? You can’t even eat fried chicken.”


He cared about her meals with all the kindness in the world.




“…We are divorced, Your Grace.”




“Why did you come here?”


After meeting her eyes for a moment, he sighed and let out a soft laugh.


It seemed like she was asking such a pointless question.


The short laugh ended, and his blue eyes sparkled.


“I feel like I’m going to die without you.”


It had been a year since she successfully escaped her fate and got divorced.


Her ex-husband comes back, professing love once again.


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