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Night of the Obsessive Tyrant’s Maid – R19

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“You are a bit careless, aren’t you? Are you falling asleep?”


“Your Majesty.”


The emperor’s mocking voice was heard overhead. Reina opened her eyes, jumped up, and lowered her head.


“Your father offered you up as a s*x sl*ve, so I’ll let you do your part today. Because of your father’s sincerity.”


“S*x sl*ve….”


Reina closed her eyes tightly. Even if her father had reached out to her after 15 years, she could never have imagined that he would send her away as a s*x sl*ve.


“What are you doing? Take it off.”




A suppressed moan flowed from Reina’s mouth.


The pink flesh inside the vag!na stuck to the gen!tals like glue came out and went in every time he moved his waist.


Blian’s eyes, looking down at their joints, became cloudy with desire, and his breathing became rough.


Haah, haah. He thrust his pen!s hard all the way to the root.


“Huh. Ah, ahhh.”


Reina gasped as she felt as if her insides were going to be pierced. The sound of his manhood hitting her bottom echoed in the quiet space.




Blian ran to the port at full speed, but she was nowhere to be seen.




The ship bound for the West Continent was already leaving the port.


“Reina, I love you! Come back, aahhhhhh.”


Blian screamed with all his might at the departing ship, but it was drowned out by the sound of the ship’s horn. Blian knelt down on the dock.


“Reina, I was wrong. Aaaahhhh. Reina…”


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