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「How will they share the daughter of the goddess? You have what they possess. The spear and the sword.」


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Character profile:

*Female protagonist: Pherenike Vassilios – ‘Cybelaune’, the goddess Cybela’s proxy who freely wields Althea, the power of the goddess. Daughter of General Vassilios. 

Having lost a princess earlier in life, the queen arrogantly raised her as if she were her own daughter, and sees her as the future wife of her son. 

While the people may hail her as godlike, she is stubborn and possessive over what she believes is hers. To take revenge on Actor and save Deucalion, the man who has been hers since the day she was born, she invoked the power of the goddess and exchanged her life with Deucalion’s.


*Male protagonist 1: Deucalion Phaethusa Paragon – The Second Prince. Younger of the two sons of King Epicydes, and an existence that’s bound for death. A man that can only live by killing his brother. Brought up amidst his father’s hatred. 

His Father expected him to grow up to be a very weak man, but he became a spearman with the body of a war god. Raised as Pherenike’s brother, fiancé, and constant companion from the cradle. In his first life, he was framed by his Father and beheaded by his half-brother; in the second, he witnessed the love of his life become the wife of another man. She had saved him, but sentenced him to a life akin to death.


*Male protagonist 2: Actor Nikandros Paragon – The First Prince. Elder of the two sons of King Epicydes, an existence that must live. Brought up amidst his Father’s absolute love and abuse. One that was forcibly linked to Pherenike through a pact, a sword that could only point at Deucalion. He can only live if he kills his brother. 

His marriage to Pherenike was forcibly taken from his younger brother and given to him by his father when he was a child. It had been humiliating to the utmost degree for the boy and the girl loathed him. As such, he let Pherenike go in his first life, but in the second, he held onto her.


*Watch it for: When you need an intense love story about overcoming trials and triumphing.


*Resonant quote:

“In my opinion, your love is rather repulsive, Pherenike.”


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