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Please, Save Me

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Elena Castaya, who lived as the vain fiancée of the Crown Prince, finds her family falling into ruin for treason. Rather than clinging to a pitiful existence, she chooses death, only to wake up in the body of an orphan girl named Evelyn. With only the foreign languages she learned during her time as the Crown Prince’s consort, Elena earns a living by translating. One day, someone appears seeking a young woman fluent in Esperanto.


“I need someone to closely monitor the fallen Second Prince. Someone who can report everything, from whom the Second Prince meets, exchanges letters with, and even down to the petty gossip the servants indulge in.”




“You look pretty and you’re intelligent. I’ve taken a liking to you.”


After waking up, she had deliberately avoided the news. But… the Second Prince Vincent had been disgraced for the crime of assassinating her? 


“I’ll do it. Please let me.”


‘Vincent, I… I thought you’d live well even if you let me kill myself. Since you saved me, I’ll live this life for you.’


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