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Reunification Is A Crazy Thing

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What are the taboos that ex-lovers must maintain?


Do not contact each other at dawn. Do not call others by their name when they are drunk. Cleanly dispose of objects you used together, among other things, but, the rule that must be followed at all costs would be.


Never have sex with an ex-lover.


… However.


“Are you under the curse of ‘naim’?”




Naim. A curse that hardens the entire body like a stone.


It has the characteristic of having ‘someone’s name’ engraved near the chest of the cursed person.


There were only two ways to get rid of the symptoms.


Break the curse, or have sexual relations with the person whose name is engraved.


“So whose ‘name’ is it?”


Feeling an ominous feeling, Beatrice stared at the man. In her field of vision was her ex-lover from several years ago, smiling dryly.


Erich raised his hand,


and he pointed his finger at her.





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