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Salute for Laurel (In Honor of Your Survival)

  • Rank( ) 85, with 15093 Views
  • Author Woo Ji-hye (우지혜)
  • Translator Milky
  • Editor Snow
  • Genre(s) Drama, Fantasy, Korean
  • Type Korean
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Lucien, a beautiful yet humble maidservant.

To her, life was simply something to endure,

And death, something familiar and numb like everyday life.

Until that day, by chance, she met him.

First, he was an insensitive, arrogant priest,

Then, he became the ailing son of a baron in recovery.

Each time they met, he assumed a new identity, but she knew.

He could cut a man with a sword without hesitation.

never a priest, never a feeble nobleman.


“Then, you can use my room. Whether it’s for a day or two, you can sleep there.”

“Just in case. You shouldn’t say things like that to anyone.”

“The only person I’m willing to offer my room to is you, Lars.”


Who he was didn’t matter.

From the moment she saw his cold yet elegant green eyes,

Death, which had always been close, felt unfamiliar.


She wanted to live.

No, she wanted him to live.

To achieve that, she could do anything.

Even if it meant sacrificing herself.


“Forget the idea that you can do something, Lucien. Just accept the stroke of luck that’s come your way.”


But she didn’t know that this very point would anger him.


You scoundrel. What did I do to deserve this?


“Don’t worry, Lars. I’ll definitely seize the luck that has come into my hands, just as you said.”


The will to live can sometimes bloom as intensely as love,


「Salute to Laurel」


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