Rain Of Snow Translations

Earl Nottingham was injured in the war and forced to retreat to his manor. Madeline,  tormented by his arrogance and coldness, plotted a plan to run away from him. She died in regret, but when she woke up, she was seventeen again. It was a year before the war broke out.

For a while, she vowed never to be involved with the man again, but the fate of the two began to get entangled helplessly…

The man she knew had completely lost the composure from before. His appearance was the same as the man Madeline knew.  The Earl who kept her captive.

But why did it hurt her to hate him? Humans tend to get attached and used to the prisons they’ve been confined to. Just as the Earl was her prison, she will become the Earl’s prison too.

“Master Nottingham.”

Madeline couldn’t help the sad expression on her face. Except she didn’t know how much that look swayed the stoic man. She continued to speak in a low tone, “You and I can’t be together.”

The love story between the two unfolding across the land, time and space. Will they be able to save each other?


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