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Salvation Of The Obscene – R19

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The villain who killed my brother.


The arrogant prince, society’s most notorious scoundrel, offered his hand to me. 


“P-please, promise me you’ll protect me and those around me if we get married.”


“Yes, alright. I promise I’ll also grant you that ‘divorce’ you mentioned.”


Marrying him was the only way to survive.


“Tell me if anyone tells you to run away. I’ll skin them alive.”


Griselda had no choice.




With every movement, the sculpted muscles of his back, forged in a life of hardship, tensed and flexed beneath his skin.


The n@ked body in his grasp trembled.


But the vulnerability only fueled the dark hunger in his eyes.


Raynard’s touch was a calculated storm, his pace accelerating with each ragged moan that escaped her lips. 


Her beauty ignited a possessive flame within him–he had no intention of letting her go.


“I didn’t know you could be this delicious,” he murmured, a sly twist to his lips.


His grip tightened on her waist, a silent command rather than a caress.

A flicker of hunger sparked in his upturned eyes.




He thrust in all at once into her wide-open depths. A moan tore from Griselda as she involuntarily squeezed her eyes shut.


Raynard followed the rhythm of her ragged breaths, savoring her tight inner walls.


“You’re taking me in so tightly.”


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