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Seeking For Your Forgiveness

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“From the first time I saw you, you were always my sun. However, at some point, I realized something.”

“If the sun is too bright, you cannot see the stars.”


Kristoff Schneider, the heir of the Schneider Family and a 100% winning lawyer.


Marianned didn’t know why such a perfect man proposed to her. To her, who was just a commoner’s daughter.


However, she couldn’t turn down his proposal. Because she loved Kristoff. She expected that he might also love her.


Therefore, she endured the unfamiliar and rough life. She endured the mockery and contempt directed at her.


“I’ll give you three minutes. Make it short and simple.”


However, she couldn’t bear Kristoff’s indifferent attitude anymore.


“No, only a minute is enough. Let’s get divorced.”


Kristoff began to search for Marianne like a madman after knowing she had left only the divorce papers behind.


He thought everything would be solved just by finding Marianne, but when he met her again, she stated that she didn’t love him anymore.


“Don’t turn me down, Marianne. I beg you.”


To Kristoff, Marianne is the simplest woman in the world. And to Marianne, Kristoff is the toughest man in the world.


Their story starts from there.


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