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Sweet you who doesn’t love me

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Juliet’s fiance found himself entangled in the web of love of Juliet’s own sister. Once a wanderer, fair Juliet is now pushed into marriage with a man whom she had never seen. The man, born of noble blood but as an illegitimate son, was called Cassio Bellanea.

“Take care,” they bid their farewells.

However, without uttering a customary promise to return safely, he departed immediately, crossing the horizon to the battlefield beyond. Juliet closed not only the gates of the castle but also the gates of her heart.

And so, three years passed.

* * *

“Greetings, Juliet.”

Once a prince of the royal family, now a hero of war, Cassio Bellanea has finally returned to Sardania.

“I’m sorry for not being him.”


“But because I am Juliet’s husband…”

Though they were together for only a few days before he left, the man who had returned now showed a peculiar tenderness.

“I have come to find you, my… Juliet.”

From where does this tenderness arise? It was an enigma, even for the Juliet of the present.


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