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The Abandoned Empress Will Not Return

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Rodelia, the “Flower of the Thebes Empire,” was the perfect Empress and loving wife. 


No, that was what she thought. 


That was, until the woman showed up. 


“You told me you loved me. Was it all a lie?”


“…… It wasn’t a lie. It’s just that my heart is small.”


Rodelia collapsed at the Emperor’s words that he no longer loved her. 


Then a mysterious man, Cerdian, approached her, offering a helping hand. 


“Your help is not needed. Grand Duke Eisen.”


“As I said, you will choose me in the end.”


Unable to trust Cerdian, Rodelia rejected him, but found herself teetering in the face of an increasingly harsh fate ……. 


“There’s nothing to be afraid of.” 




“Didn’t you come to me with your own two feet?”


Rodelia herself knew this. 

As long as she held Cerdian’s hand first, she wouldn’t be able to run away from him.


“Do you think I can let you go?”


‘Can I really trust him?’


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