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The Age Of Arrogance (Main Story Completed)

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Pervaz, a kingdom ravaged by a long war.

Asha Pervaz, the new lord who must restore Pervaz.

She meets with the emperor to collect the reward for her victory, only to be met by ridicule.

She was mocked as a ‘barbarian princess’, and given a ridiculous proposal to grant her the right to choose a marriage partner as a reward for her victory.

Asha was forced to make a decision.

“Well then… Duke Carlisle Haven.”

She choose the first ranked noble, the first prince, who was recently stripped of his position of Crown Prince due to a scandal.

She had intended to demand compensation if he refused, but unexpectedly Carlisle accepted, even promising all the support she needed for the reconstruction of Pervaz.

“What do you want from me?”

“Don’t concern yourself with what I do in Pervaz.  Don’t expect special treatment as a wife, and don’t even think about siding with my opposition. And when I ask, just sign the divorce papers .”

For Asha, it didn’t seem like a bad deal.

She grasped the hand of the arrogant man who even looked down on his father, the emperor.

A charming smile appeared on his life.

“I’ll be counting on you from now on, my lady.”


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