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The Age Of Arrogance

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A territory devastated by a long war, Pervaz.

And the new lord who shall restore Pervaz, Asha Pervaz.

She receives an audience with the emperor to collect the reward for her victory,

But she was met with ridicule, called a ‘barbarian princess’, and given the absurd right to pick her marriage partner as a reward for victory.

Asha makes the best possible choice in such a situation.

“Then…… Duke Carlyle Haven”

She chooses the noble ranked first on the list of nobility, the first prince, who was recently deprived of his position as crown prince following a grand scandal.

She plans to request compensation when he refuses, but contrary to her expectations, he accepts her choice. While also promising to provide a tremendous amount of support for the restoration of Pervaz.

“What do wish from me?”

“Don’t concern yourself with what I do in Pervaz. Don’t wish for me to treat you as a wife, and don’t join forces with my enemies. Then quietly sign the divorce papers when I request one.”

It was a deal with nothing for Asha to be dissatisfied about.

She took the hand of the arrogant man who even looked down on his father, the emperor.

His lips spread into a charming smile.

“I hope we can get along well, wife.”


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