Rain Of Snow Translations

Male protagonist: Charon Lutz La Caspian, Commander of the Special Mission Unit. A cold-blooded and emotionless man who had been brainwashed to live as the Emperor’s dog. Possessing the senses of smell and hearing beyond ordinary human. He suffers from insomnia due to the after-effects of the magic experiment performed on him. He intends to take advantage of Eirene but ends up being caught up in unexpected feelings.

Female protagonist: Eirene, the part of Jeremiah tribe who attempted to hide her identity. As the only pharmacist in town, she is the epitome of an iron hand in a velvet glove. When her village is destroyed by the empire which leads to the loss of her only remaining family, she desires nothing but revenge.



This book contains some violent scenes, forced relationships, confinement, profanity, and explicit language.


The Jeremiah tribe is known for the blissful dreams that swallowing their tears can bring about. 


Eirene lives with her grandfather, who suffers from dementia while hiding her identity as part of the Jeremiah tribe.


A life so peaceful, even if they didn’t have a lot.


However, such life was completely shattered by the Imperial Army, which started a war of conquest.


Her village was destroyed by Charon, who leads the Imperial Army, and Eirene, who lost her only remaining family, vows to get revenge.


“Every day, I will offer you the tears I shed. Whenever you wish.”



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