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The Count’s Secret Maid

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Paula, the daughter of a poor peasant.


By chance, she is hired as the maid of the prestigious Count Bellunita.


But the owner she has to serve can’t see.


She thought it would be so difficult to serve the blind master.


The problem is that his personality is too sassy!




The gun touched her forehead.


“Do you want to die?”


“Just shoot.”




“If I keep neglecting my master, I’ll die in the end.”


It won’t be long before she goes away without a sound.


“If I were to die here or there, I will do it with the honour of being shot by the master. Now, shoot and finish it off.”


“…Are you crazy?”


“You’re not going to shoot? Then I’ll change the sheets.”


As she pulled the sheet as it was, he freaked out and grabbed the sheet.


The power to take away and the power to hold the sheet collided.


However, the opponent was a patient who could not even smell blood.


She snorted and pulled the sheet with all her might.


“You’re crazy!”


She removed the sheet and brought a new one, leaving behind the screaming Vincent.


“Get out now!”


“Yes, I will leave when I have finished my work. Could you please stand up so I can finish quickly and leave?”


The story of a master who has lost his sight and has a dirty temper, and a maid who went through all sorts of hardships



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