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The Crown Princess’ Circumstances

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  • Author 은유담
  • Translator Yui
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  • Genre(s) Fantasy, Korean, Romance
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The Duke of Vichen has three daughters.


Caria, the eldest with a gorgeous appearance reminiscent of a rose,

Cordelia, the elegant and lovely youngest, 

Gerania, the smart yet mediocre and quiet middle child.


Unlike her older and younger sister, who were the flowers of society that set many men’s hearts aflutter, Gerania grew up hearing that she was ordinary. 


Due to her mild and carefree personality, Gerania, who had grown up without standing out and lived her life in her own way happily, faced something unexpected.


“What did you just say?”


“I said to marry me.”


She was proposed to by the crown prince of this country, Franz Rinaun.


Why does he want to marry a woman that he has only met a few times?


She politely declined because she had no intention of marrying, but this man was much more persistent than she had thought.


“If you accept this marriage, on the name of the royal family, I will fulfill a request from you, as long as it’s acceptable to me.” 


“…First, let’s draft a contract.”


The wedding biography of the calm and unexpectedly bright Gerania and the blunt Prince Franz!



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