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The East Wind Of The Atlas

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“Just you wait. I’ll become a nightmare and visit your nights.”


The empire’s margrave, the Valiant Brown Lion, the owner of the famed sword, Ascaron. 

And the lord of the territory, ‘Genevu’, located at the empire’s borders and in the Atlas Mountains, which touched the skies.


‘Marquis Balt Haustein Friedrich Morenheitz.’


In order to save the lives of a woman and two children he had never seen before, he had to cut the legs of his beloved horse and pierced a sword into its throat. 


“Bring the children’s father. I will hold him accountable for the price of the horse’s life.”

“I don’t have a husband.”


Blue eyes, resembling the still spring waters of the deep mountains, stared back at Balt. 


“If there’s anything I can do to repay you with a woman’s body… I’ll do it.”



Filled only with confusion and instinctual desire, Balt embraces Claire, a widow and a mother of three. 


But that night, he realises that he is her first man. 


“Why did you lie to me? Explain yourself immediately.”

“Just leave me alone. Because there isn’t anything I want.”

“What are you actually afraid of?”


The east wind, carrying the cold air of Atlas, blew through Genevu as spring arrived.


“Am I unable to make you the Marchioness? Or perhaps, I’ll actually make it happen?”


An icy, blue-eyed woman, whom he was unable to abandon, and unwilling to forsake. Before these two, an unfathomable and cruel fate unfolds. 


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