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The Empress Of Ashes

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Emperor Alec lost his wife Afrosa.


He did not simply punish those responsible for her death, but also went so far as to burn down the castle and kill himself. However, he woke up and found himself in the past. 


“I will change it all one by one.”


For your sake.


Because God brought me back to life in order to have you once more.


Alec, who wanted to create a new future where he would not lose his wife and child again. However, his love for them gradually turned into a blind obsession.


“What’s wrong? Why are you acting like this?”


“Same for you.”


“What did I do?”


“What’s wrong with you too?”




“You’re mine. Because you’re my wife. If anyone treats you like some b*tch they stole from me, I will rip out their intestines and chew off their bones.”


On the other hand, Afrosa constantly felt unfamiliar with her husband’s changed personality.


Until one day, she had a strange dream which confused her…


‘My husband is not the same. If I don’t run away, I will meet the same end as before.’


The unfamiliar woman standing next to her husband… Her own shabby silhouette…


Sickened by the vividness of the vision as if it were all reality, she could no longer stand to look at her husband.


Is this all actually a dream?


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1 month ago

Oooooo, the synopsis seems really interesting. I’m definitely adding this to my library, though I might wait for more chapters to come out so I can binge.

1 month ago

look i don’t know if you will read this comment plus the story is really different i’m dying to read the rest if you want i can help you translate

1 month ago

it has been dropped everywhere

7 days ago

Seems interesting!

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